Author: Owen Moore

Owen Moore is a Sophomore at Carrboro High School. He enjoys carpentry, biking, hunting and camping. Procrastination is a passion of his.

New CHS Water Fountains

Recently Carrboro High School has installed several new water fountains. These are seen as a more environmentally friendly version of a water fountain as it encourages refilling water bottles by making it much easier. They feature a counter displaying how many disposable water bottles worth of water it has dispensed. Every day, over 60 million […]

Hong Kong Protests

In recent months, massive protests have been occurring in Hong Kong, mainly due to backlash to an extradition bill. This issue, while different in many aspects could be seen as similar to many issues prevalent at CHS, such as climate change or gun control, which have sparked protests at CHS including multiple walk-out. One similarity […]

CHS Seeks Feedback on New Chromebooks

Carrboro High School is currently in the process of deciding on what type of new Chromebooks to purchase for the upcoming school year. The current ones are now over three years old and rapidly aging. Lenovo no longer even sells them. Many students have voiced repeated complaints about their build quality, processing power, and software. […]

Brexit Update

England was due to finally leave the European Union on October 31 after years of delaying and debating but due to stalling efforts made by parliament it was postponed yet again. In June of 2016, England held a referendum vote on being in the EU and the verdict, by a margin of about 4 percent, […]

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