Author: Jack Warner

Jack Warner is a senior at CHS. This is his first year on staff at the JagWire. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, lacrosse, and watching sports. He also is a youth sports official at the Young Man’s Christian Association.

Remembering Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant: a legend in more ways than one. A legendary basketball player, yes, but more importantly he was a father, a friend, a mentor and a husband. Kobe’s reach stretched far beyond just the game of basketball, along with being a player and a family man he also had many business ventures. He had […]

CHCCS Board Of Education Election Profiles

The CHCCS School Board elections are coming up. Since a lot of people would like to know about who they’re voting for, here are the profiles for each of the five candidates. Rani Dasi is running her campaign on individual success for all and community growth. “Education is a critical enabler of individual success and […]

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