Author: Hannah Rubenstein

Carrboro Celebrates Mother’s Day

Many people agree that their parents do a lot for them. They often balance busy work schedules with taking care of themselves and their kids, while finding time to go above and beyond expectations. For high school students, parents can offer words of encouragement when students are stressed or tired, and help make sure that […]

Quizzed up Carrboro

On Friday, April 5, students in Carrboro’s Quiz Bowl team competed with teachers in a student versus staff trivia contest. Questions, asked by senior Quiz Bowl member Nick Carney, covered a variety of topics from math to history to literature. After buzzing in, students and teachers could confer with their team before providing an answer. […]

Carrboro “Springs Forward”

This spring, we set the clocks forward an hour, losing an hour of sleep for some. Photo courtesy Federico Respini via Unsplash. Daylight Savings Time brings mixed responses from students and teachers. “Spring Forward” brings an especially large amount of controversy. In Spring Forward, clocks move forward one hour, and people disagree on whether the […]

Dear Freshmen,

With a new school year comes a new class of freshmen. The move from middle to high school involves many changes, but luckily, the Class of 2022 is not alone in this transition. In addition to the teachers and counselors helping freshmen, seniors are another resource available for advice. Current Carrboro seniors reflected on their […]

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