Author: Hope Anderson

Hope Anderson, senior, is a Senior Editor and a waffle enthusiast. In her spare time she watches British dramas and eats off-brand organic snack products.

Roommates 101: To Pick or Not to Pick

Receive the email. “Your application status had been updated.” Open the acceptance letter. Scream a little. Then join the college Facebook group. It’s a process familiar to most seniors who choose to apply to college. Today, insert-college/university-name-here Class of 2022 Facebook groups, as well as websites such as, help prospective students connect and, oftentimes, […]

Student Athletes Commit to College

On Wednesday, April 11 three seniors committed to continue their careers as student athletes at the collegiate level. Gabby Addams will play soccer at Carlow University, Quincy Monday will wrestle at Princeton University and Penny Newall will play volleyball at Bryn Mawr College. All three students were captains this year on their respective sports teams. […]

Behind the Scenes of the March 14 Walkout

At 9:55 am on Wednesday, March 14, a number of students will leave their classes to stand in the courtyard in silence for seventeen minutes. The walkout is a protest in support of stricter gun legislation and meant to honor the seventeen victims of the Marjory Stonemean Douglas (MSD) shooting in Parkland, Florida a month […]

Which English Teacher are You?

Do you ever lie awake at night, counting sheep and wondering which CHS English teacher is your spirt teacher? Well, wonder no more! The Jagwire finally presents a way to answer your most burning question! Sleep happy knowing the truth is only a quiz away. [os-widget path=”/hopeanderson77/which-chs-english-teacher-are-you” of=”hopeanderson77″ comments=”false”]

Darkest Hour Does Not Deserve the Limelight

Darkest Hour, the 2017 drama which follows Winston Churchill’s first weeks in office, won two Oscars Last night — Best Actor (Gary Oldman) and Best Makeup. It was nominated for four more awards, including Best Picture. I enjoyed the movie alright, but in my opinion, Darkest Hour was overrated.   As my friend pointed out […]

Jagwire Judy

How can I prevent myself from sleeping through my alarm or hitting snooze a thousand times? No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get myself out of bed in the morning — help! -Ms. Morning Misery Ms. Misery, Great question! Even as a self-proclaimed morning person, I too find getting out of bed […]

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