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Sutton’s Drug Store, E Franklin Established: 1923 Nearly a century old, Sutton’s Drug Store is truly a Chapel Hill institution. Reflecting the establishment’s ties to the community are the thousands of photos displayed on the historic walls. In fact, since the 1980s, Sutton’s employees have taken over 10,000 photos of the store’s many patrons. In […]

Mock Crash shows dangers of impaired driving

On Thursday, April 12, upperclassmen spent their third and fourth periods watching a simulation of an impaired driving accident.  Participating in the mock crash were several fellow classmates who played the role of victims, injured or dead, and first responders. Included below are photos from the event. An in-depth story will be available tomorrow.   […]

Teenage tipping point

You and your friends are at a restaurant. You’ve finished eating and have gotten your bill. Ignoring the tip line completely, you pay only for the food itself — you’re on a tight budget as you use up the last of your birthday money or meager savings from your part-time job. After all, the tip is […]

BTS: a Look at One Acts

December 14 through 16, the JagTheatre put on a series of performances in Carrboro High’s Blackbox Theater. A product of roughly two months of preparation, the performances—called One Acts—carried on an annual tradition. One Acts have always been student-led; responsible for the 2017 productions were around 70 students of varying specialties and skill levels. Students […]

Students plan eleventh Underworld

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. On October 31, the Carrboro High auditorium transforms into the Underworld, continuing a tradition as old as the school itself. The event is a presentational tour during which attendees will see Latin students portray various mythological characters. Former Latin teacher Sara Clay launched the Underworld to teach students […]

Meet Carrboro’s new SGA advisors

Annual changes in student government officers are common, but SGA also welcomes new faculty advisors for the first time since 2014. Last year was social studies teacher Jamie Schendt’s final term as SGA advisor. Replacing Schendt are Candacie Schrader and Sibel Byrnes, representing the Arts and English Departments respectively. “Mr. Schendt had talked about how […]

CHCCS holds annual college fair

Local high schoolers and their parents crowded the Dean Dome on Tuesday, September 19, for the 2017 College Fair. The CHCCS event featured representatives from over 100 schools, including community, public and private colleges. While North Carolina schools comprised the majority of displays, students wishing to venture out of NC had plenty of options. Most […]

Wrestlers sign with college teams

Around noon on May 24, two Carrboro High School students committed to colleges on wrestling scholarships. The two seniors, Taylor Day and Otto Wolin, signed in the presence of parents, teammates and Dewitt Driscoll, CHS wrestling coach. Day and Wolin look forward to their future roles on teams at UNC Chapel Hill and Coker College, a liberal […]

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