Author: Chelsea Ramsey

Chelsea is Editor-in-Chief for the 2018-2019 school year. She is an avid reader.

Frisbee Nationals

Excitement was palpable and tensions ran high the weekend of May 4-5, when the Carrboro Clams, CHS’ ultimate frisbee team, brought home their first State Championship title. The Clams, an unofficial team not recognized or sponsored by the school, have gone to States every year, but this is the first time they’ve ever won. Winning […]

Anonymous candidate runs for SGA president

Anonymous candidate Hacky Sack posted this to their Instagram page to announce their presidential run. As May approaches and the school year begins to wind down, students all around CHS prepare for a very crucial time of year: student government association (SGA) elections. This year, among the students clamoring for senator, treasurer and presidential positions, […]

How-to: prom on a budget

Fourth quarter has started for CHS, and if that weren’t stressful enough, another important event is coming up: Carrboro’s prom. Prom can put a lot of pressure on students, especially in regards to expenses. Many students don’t consider prom an option because of its notoriously high cost. There are students who can’t afford a new […]

Carrboro High receives its own report card

Many students are familiar with the concept of report cards, as they get their own every year. But what most don’t know is that — just like students — schools get report cards too. North Carolina School Report Cards (SRCs) aren’t too different from those given to students: they give informa- tion on the characteristics […]

Creatures of Carrboro

The JagWire traveled around the school asking different students these two questions: What is on your mind lately? What helps assuage your worries? These are their answers. Jack Knowles, Freshman: “Honestly, I’m mainly worried about school work and stuff; [there are a lot of] super tight deadlines because of snow days. What helps me is […]

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