Author: Bella Lane

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day (or did you forget?)

Resources: Indigenous Peoples’ Day vs. Columbus Day Tribal land lines Sovereign land (go to pg. 3) Forced sterilization of Native Americans Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman (MMIW) movement Census racial economic statistics Indigenous Peoples’ and biodiversity Native/Indigenous Art: Bobby Sanchez (Poetry) Radmilla Cody (Music) Joan Hill (Painting) Supaman (Dancing and rap) Sherman Alexie (Novelist)

What’s so confusing about Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month is a month (30 days) where we celebrate the great impacts Latinos have had on this country. Firstly, Hispanic Heritage Month isn’t just one month. It began as just a week when Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president, signed off on the legislation in 1968 and was later made into a month […]

Pending district sexual assault protocol

Typically, there are two responses to sexual assault and harassment on a school campus: the administrative response and the student services response. The administrative response has numerous guidelines on how to handle and punish the harmer, according to the code of conduct and disciplinary actions the school system has in place. The student services response […]

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