Ever since March 2020, we have seen the spread of the new disease of Covid-19. This new disease has been and still is a serious and impactful issue that has arisen drastically, with its total number of cases being 45.1 million all throughout the country. Not only has this been causing illness, but also negatively affecting the labor market. Though, a specific job that is a problem we’re facing as a Nation is the school bus driver shortages, which are taking place all around school districts across the US.

One of these affected jobs are Bus Drivers, and have left school districts all around the nation, which has led school districts to suffer from this issue of shortages. Numerous schools are now raising bus drivers’ wages exponentially, increasing them by thousands of dollars to bring in more people to fill in these jobs. For instance, there has been an increased bonus for Carrboro High School, from $2,000-$4,000, and an increase in referral bonus, which starts from $250-$2,000. Adding along, there has been a significant increase in bonuses with perfect attendances, which start from $500/semester to $1,000/semester.

This bus driver crisis has also brought many students to take the bus as transportation, and is now making them wait a long time to get to their stop.

“There were 30 open slots for Bus Drivers, and we are doing as much as we can with filling those spots,” Diego Mureno, assistant-principal of Carrboro High School, said.

Though, there is a reason behind all of this chaos of bus driver shortages. Bus drivers quit their jobs to prevent getting ill from covid-19, and also because of that adults have a worse immune system, rather than kids.

To solve this Covidv issue, the school then tried using tactics, such as increasing Driver’s wages, and making new rules to make students, and bus drivers/staff safer.

“In the past few weeks of school, the bus would come sometimes extremely early, or extremely late, and I remember one time I stayed on the bus for one hour since there were other kids from different buses going on our bus,” Thomas Parodi said, a student at Carrboro High School.

That being said, many students were arriving late to class in the past first few weeks of the school, since the bus schedules were all over the place, with some arriving extremely late, due buses taking other students from different buses.

Therefore, now, some districts are doing much better with filling up spaces for bus drivers than how they were doing before, at the start of the year. Though, we hope for the future that these empty spots will be filled.