Many high school sports at Carrboro and across the country are starting up again and are battling the effects of Covid. Last year both high school and professional sports dealt with cancellations and outbreaks. This year they are starting to bounce back.

One of the ways that sports is being affected by Covid-19 is that athletes, after sitting at home all year, are not as fit. “Covid interrupted the continuity and development of the athletes in the program. The team is just not as fit or as strong and fast as we historically have been,” Mimi O’Grady said, coach of the cross country team for Carrboro High School.

Another thing that has affected sports is that some kids sitting at home during quarantine lost interest in joining high school sports. “I am used to 85 to 90 [students], [this year] we have 45 to 50”, O’Grady said.

Though high school sports have been affected this year and they are not perfect, they are way better than last year. “Last year the season did not even start till October. We had to set up pods of 6 to 8 people, 6 or 8 pods for each team, had social distance in the pods, and had to do all their workouts in their pod,” O’Grady said. Also, last year’s school sports were the main cause of student outbreaks and quarantines.

Some high school sports, like football, are having outbreaks. In the state of Georgia, there were 27 games cancelled in the first week due to a Covid outbreaks across the state.  Due to this, some schools across the country are requiring students to get the vaccine to play sports.

It was not only high school that had a rough year, the NFL also had a rough year. With many games postponed and practices shutting down, they used 959,860 Covid tests and spent $100 million dollars on Covid tests to get through the season.

There was a player for the Cleveland Browns last year preparing for the most important game in his life who had to practice outside of his apartment while his girlfriend called plays. The practice facility was closed due to a Covid outbreak. Also last year many games had to be postponed due to Covid.

The NFL is getting back to normal as stadiums are back to full capacity and vaccinated players no longer have to get tested every day. In addition, vaccinated players no longer have to wear a mask. Some players have been pushing for stricter Covid measures. So far this year in the NFL season there have been no Covid outbreaks. So the NFL is looking like they have Covid under control.

High School sports at Carboro have started up again this year in full force as they battle the effects of Covid.