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This summer break has been long, and during that time, there have been many new releases in TV shows, movies, and songs. Since the student body of Carrboro has been staying home watching these releases, they’re bound to have some opinions on them. 

“WAP” by Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion immediately reached No. 1 on the charts after being released. More specifically it debuted at the top spot of the Billboard hot 100, and is one of only 47 songs to do so. There were 93 million streams in the first week, breaking the record of most streams in a week. It passed the 85.3 million streams that Ariane Grande’s song “Seven Rings” had, which was the previous record keeper from January 2019. When 10 random students in Carrboro were asked what they thought of the new release, the responses were split. Half of the students strongly disliked the song and half strongly enjoyed it.

Avatar the Last Airbender was first aired on television in 2005 and lasted until 2008. It was recently released back onto Netflix, and immediately became the number one watched in the US for a full week. Many tuned in out of nostalgia, and many more tuned in to introduce their children and younger siblings to the show. The show was so popular that it spurred a live action series, something wanted by fans for years. Many were excited about the show, but recent news shows that the original creators left the live action over “creative differences”, which has many worried it won’t be what was originally envisioned. There hasn’t been any other information on what these specific differences were, but speculation is that the new show may vary from the original show’s plot line, possibly due to costs of CGI. Another big concern comes to the whitewashing of the cast in the previous, and widely despised The Last Airbender movie. Many think that this is what is happening with the current TV show, and speculate that is why the original creators left. When asked about their opinions most of the students selected were in favor of Avatar, and there were very few with anything against it. 

The One and Only Ivan is a book written by Katherine Applegate in 2012 and was recently turned into a movie. It was also recently released on Disney Plus. The story focuses on a gorilla living a bleak life in a mall-circus, who’s life is changed when a new arrival comes to the circus. The story has some darker themes and parts focusing on poaching and animal cruelty in the circus industry. The darkness is toned down slightly in the movie and both are still appropriate for most children. According to the survey most were in favor of the movie, but not so much for the book.

Though this quarantine caused a spike in media consumption, it also has caused a lot of delays and cancellations in the creations of movies and TV shows. Despite all of that, there are more health and safety precautions being put in place, and slowly but surely work the wheel is turning again.