Month: October 2020

Massive protests in Belarus following their presidential election

Protests in Belarus reveal strained relations between Russia and Europe Protests have been breaking out in Belarus following Alexander Lukashenko’s claim to the presidency for his sixth term, securing a spot as Europe’s longest-serving leader. Belarus held their presidential election on August 9, 2020. Lukashenko was inaugurated in a secret ceremony on September 23, 2020, […]

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day (or did you forget?)

Resources: Indigenous Peoples’ Day vs. Columbus Day Tribal land lines Sovereign land (go to pg. 3) Forced sterilization of Native Americans Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman (MMIW) movement Census racial economic statistics Indigenous Peoples’ and biodiversity Native/Indigenous Art: Bobby Sanchez (Poetry) Radmilla Cody (Music) Joan Hill (Painting) Supaman (Dancing and rap) Sherman Alexie (Novelist)

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