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With school and business closures, it’s easy to get bored. See below for some fun and easy ways to stay busy while at home.

Cut or dye your hair: This may seem impulsive and under normal circumstances, I would strongly advise against this, but what have you got to lose? All hair salons are closed for the foreseeable future and you’ve got to get rid of those split ends somehow. Besides, you won’t be going out in public, so no one will know if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.

Wash your car, porch, dog, sidewalk, etc: It’s always fun to spray your little brother or sister with a hose and what better way to do it than under the guise of productivity? This is a fun alternative to a public swimming pool and it keeps your allergies in check by flushing out the pollen. Win-Win!

Find love: Hey, Rapunzel social distanced for 18 years and she found her husband, who’s to say you can’t too? But for those of us without magic hair, there is another option. In some neighborhoods, like Southern Village, many neighbors are pasting paper hearts in their windows (or drawing them with chalk on the ground) for others to find as part of a scavenger hunt. This is a super easy activity all can enjoy. 

Invent or create something: Google, Amazon and Disney all started in garages, so get cracking. Even if your invention just turns out to be a glorified cat toy, you still got your creative juices flowing and killed some time in the process. 

On a more serious note, JOANN Fabrics has started a campaign where volunteers can make masks at home (see link for instructions), that can be donated to healthcare professionals. This is an excellent way to actively make a positive difference.

Build a fort: Take quarantine to the next level by isolating yourself under a wall of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. Bonus points if you have a hidden candy stash. 

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