Recently Carrboro High School has installed several new water fountains. These are seen as a more environmentally friendly version of a water fountain as it encourages refilling water bottles by making it much easier. They feature a counter displaying how many disposable water bottles worth of water it has dispensed. Every day, over 60 million disposable water bottles are thrown away and these look to deter that.

There are four new water fountains total, in the lower D wing and lower E wing. The school is planning to install more in the near future. Of these, two of them feature specialized taps for filling water bottles. This is by far a step up from filling a water bottle in a standard water fountain, as it is much quicker and easier. The fountains feature sensors to detect a bottle and a tap that dispenses cold, filtered water very quickly. 

According to PTSA president Brian Mack, the water fountains were proposed by a group of students as a way to prevent waste at CHS.

“The PTSA agreed that this was a worthwhile investment for the school and the students,” said Mack.

While the water fountains were quite expensive, retailing around fifteen hundred dollars for each set of two fountains and one bottle filler, they have very positive reviews. Around 70 percent of reviews for them on Amazon are five stars. Similarly, the reactions from students to the change seem overwhelmingly positive.

“They make filling water bottles much easier,” said CHS sophomore Zach Dodd.

“They definitely do discourage the use of disposable bottles,” said CHS sophomore Milo Davis.

Although, there were some criticisms.

“The idea that every time it is used, it saves a plastic bottle, just is not true,” said Dodd.

Overall, however, the water bottle fillers seem to be a great addition to CHS which will make students’ lives a bit easier.


About Owen Moore

Owen Moore is a Sophomore at Carrboro High School. He enjoys carpentry, biking, hunting and camping. Procrastination is a passion of his.