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March 3rd marked an important day for the 2020 Democratic primaries, where 14 states and one American territory voted for who they want their party to nominate. This day, known as “Super Tuesday”, holds the most primary elections out of any of the days in the year.

Leading up to Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders was the favorite to get the delegate majority, following the Nevada primary election with about a 40-45% chance of earning over half of the pledged delegates. Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg were close to being tied around 10%, and there was about a 35% chance that no candidate would win the majority of pledged delegates.

In the last week of February, Sanders experienced a slight drop in his nomination chances while Biden saw a spike, emphasized by a decisive victory in South Carolina on February 29th. By March 3rd, Biden was able to gain endorsements from Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, helping him flip the chances and have approximately three times the chances of Sanders before election results poured in.

Biden immediately took a jump over Sanders, being named the victor in Virginia based on exit polls. While Sanders would soon be named victorious in Vermont, the night only got better for Biden. Out of the 14 states, Biden was named victorious in 10, pulling off upsets in Minnesota and Massachusetts. Sanders was able to capture Vermont, Colorado, Utah and California, keeping him in the race but leaving his chances slim.

In North Carolina, Biden was named the winner early based on exit polls, and maintained a dominant lead over Sanders for the remainder of the evening. Biden finished the night in North Carolina with 43% of the vote to Sanders’s 24.1% and won 96 of North Carolina’s 100 counties. The only counties Sanders took were Watauga, Mitchell, Madison and Buncombe (with Asheville), all of which are located on or near the Tennessee border.

Since Biden’s domination on Super Tuesday, his chances of winning the majority of pledged delegates have skyrocketed. One week after the election, Biden had >99% of winning, while Sanders dropped to <1%.

Super Tuesday, arguably the most important night of primary elections, showed booming results for former Vice President Joe Biden. He not only dominated the election in North Carolina but the whole United States as well, pushing himself to most likely go against current President Donald Trump in the general election.


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