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Time management is the key to being a strong student and is a practice that requires diligent effort and conscious consideration in order to truly be effective. Managing your time wisely is more than just getting work done, it’s deliberately planning and balancing work, extracurricular activities, social time and personal time to maximize productivity. 

The main factor in school-related productivity is planning when to do your homework, something that can be difficult, especially if you have many other things to do after school. For some people, the best time to do homework is immediately after getting home, that way, they don’t have time to get distracted. Others prefer taking a break when they get home and then spending the rest of their night on homework and other activities. 

If you’re trying to improve your time management, prioritizing is going to be your best friend. Delegating a certain amount of time for each task based on its urgency is the most efficient way to complete your work. If you know that something has a later due date, it’s okay to work on tasks with closer due dates. However, it is also important to limit procrastination since that can lead to problems later down the line. It’s best to try to work on projects or study for at least 15 minutes each day so that you are still making progress on important work. 

One of the best ways to make prioritization effective is by dividing your work by class. In most cases, it’s much more satisfying and stress-reducing to know that you are done with certain classes for the day by completing all of the delegated work at once. 

The easiest way to keep track of work is by always using your planner. The school distributes them each year, so you don’t have to worry about going out and buying one. Studies show that making a list of the work you need to complete reduces stress, benefits your memory and gives you the satisfaction of crossing things off a list. Successful time management relies on your own accountability, so writing down assignments is an essential part of increasing productivity. 

Time management is extremely important and useful outside of school as well, especially as your life becomes busier with sports, jobs and college applications. Making time to complete schoolwork, spend time with friends and family and have time to yourself are all extremely important. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice one for another, which is perfectly okay, but having good time management skills can make it easier to have more time to relax than work. Life is about finding a balance, which can be extremely difficult, but monitoring and planning when to complete the tough stuff is extremely beneficial, especially in the daily stress of high school.


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