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In the age of the internet, it is no secret that the majority of people are consuming their media through streaming services. According to a CNBC survey, 57 percent of Americans use at least one streaming service. While there are a plethora of options, it is clear that the two frontrunners are Hulu and Netflix. 

Worldwide, Netflix presently has around 158 million subscribers, with about 60 million of those being in the U.S. Hulu, on the other hand, is only available in the U.S, and has 28 million subscribers. 

Unlike cable, it is not just about which streaming service has the best price and is available in the area, the shows on each service are vastly different. Hulu boasts such channels as Fox, Disney, ESPN and History, whereas Netflix has such channels as NBC, The CW and a much larger selection of movies. In addition, one of Netflix’s main appeals is its original series and movies. Hulu also does feature some original content, but there is just not nearly as much. However, not everyone is a fan of the original content.

“Netflix just doesn’t make that good of shows, they make a lot of them, but it just doesn’t really seem like they put in that much effort,” said Milo Davis, a CHS sophomore. 

Hulu certainly has the edge in price, as it ranges from only six dollars a month to twelve depending on whether it contains ads and video quality. Netflix starts at nine dollars per month and reaches up to sixteen. While Netflix has no ads on any tiers, the nine dollar version only allows one user at once whereas all Hulu plans allow two.

A large issue with streaming services is that there is a lot of volatility in the market, as shows are constantly being added and removed. This is great for someone who wants a lot of variation, but a lot of people have shows that they want to watch over and over.

“The thing that I hate most about Netflix is that all of the good shows eventually get taken off,” said Davis.

It seems that the market has chosen Netflix as the clear favorite, with more than twice the U.S subscribers as Hulu. According to Tech Radar, the reason so many people favor Netflix is that it has a much better user interface and selection. In addition, Netflix has had much more time to saturate the market, as it has been around for ten years longer then Hulu, making its start as a mail-order movie service in the nineties. 

“I think that Netflix just has better shows than Hulu,” said Evan Alfieri, a CHS sophomore.

Regardless of people’s complaints, streaming services are here to stay. In 2019 video streaming has risen to nearly to a 12 billion a year market in the U.S alone, and more than twice that figure globally.


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