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Matt Harkey, School Counselor (9th)

What is your background before coming to Carrboro?

Immediately before Carrboro I worked in Durham Public Schools for seven years and an internship. So, last year was my first year at Carrboro. I was a school counselor at one of the big high schools in Durham and that was my only other adult job. I did undergrad at UNC and through a lot of the volunteering and service-learning experiences from high school and undergrad, I worked a lot with elementary, middle, and high school kids and really enjoyed being a positive influence and working with young people.

What are your goals for working with students?

One of my preferred parts about the job is the career and college planning, it’s really really difficult to have time to do that many individual conversations with it. So, it’s something that, organizationally, we are constantly working on how to do better with it… But that, I would say, is one of my favorite parts of the job, but also some of the responsive stuff, just when something comes up being someone who can help the student, whether it’s the personal social, stuff career stuff, academic stuff.

What is your best piece of advice for high schoolers?

Be yourself and try to be confident and comfortable being who you are and trusting that other people will appreciate you for who you are.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I recently renovated the entire master bathroom and closet in our suite. That has consumed a lot of my after-work time. I can do some plumbing and concrete work.

Photo by Kaya Hencke

Donna Darragh, Assistive Technology 

What is your background before coming to Carrboro?

I have been working in this district since 2002, and I was mostly at Elementary school level and had High School a little bit throughout my career but now been at the high school for last year and this part as an Occupational Therapist but I’m also the Assistive Technology team for the district. I wear two different hats, so some students I see for Occupational Therapy and other students I see for Assistive Technology. 

What’s your role in the CIC?

So when I serve students for occupational therapy in the high school it’s very different than the elementary school in the fact that I really work on job skills, there might be some other things that they ask me to do for feeding and dressing but it’s really going out in the community and then also on campus for whatever vocation skills the students might need before they graduate. Assistive Technology is not just technology, it’s also any visual or any adaptation to help a student succeed and sometimes I make things and sometimes it’s an app on an iPad or an extension on your Chromebook, that kind of thing. 

What are your goals for working with students?

My goal is to have students graduate to be employable, to go out in the workforce and do something meaningful outside of high school.

What’s a fun fact about you?`

I’ve had season football tickets since 1996 for UNC. I came here to go to school at UNC but prior to enrolling at UNC, I got my season tickets.


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