On Tuesday, December 3, Carrboro High School’s Men and Women’s swim teams competed in their second meet of the year at Homestead Aquatic Center against East Chapel Hill (ECHHS) and Chapel Hill High School (CHHS).

Within the tri-dual meet, Carrboro took third overall with 167 points. The men’s team came first against CHHS with 92 points to 68 points. They came second to ECHHS with 100 points to 67 points.

Carrboro’s women’s team took second to ECHHS with 101 points to 69 points. The team also placed second to CHHS with 93 points to 75 points.

Named after the similar mascots of all the schools, Paws in the Pool is a unique meet that takes place during the year. Carrboro is 1A/2A division school, while ECHHS and CHHS are both in the 3A division, so the teams never compete against each other. This event allows for inter-district rivalries to be satiated and friends to reconnect from all three schools.

“Getting to chatting with people I know from year-round between events was really nice,” said Team Captain and senior, Alex Prakken.

With the larger teams and school rivalries present, there is a certain competitive air that isn’t always there, and it can be beneficial for swimmers to race at their best.

Head coach Julie believes the gathering of the teams brought a competitive air that helped push the swimmers into their races, but also created an exciting evening for all involved.

“There was increased competition which I think makes people faster,” said Prakken.

After the teams said their final cheers at the end of the meet, many of Carrboro’s team went to Armadillo Grill, a team tradition, to celebrate the evening.

While the team may not have placed overall where they wanted to, there were still many exceptional swims, continuing to set great standards for the rest of the season.