Photo courtesy of Savannah DePaz

The fall sports awards ceremony took place on Monday, November 25 in the Carrboro High School auditorium. 

The night’s events highlighted the achievements of the players and teams as a whole. Each fall sport had a very successful season this year. 

Carrboro’s Athletic Director, April Ross, spoke highly of each team and noted that sports reveal character.

“In life you’re going to counter adversity almost on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis, somethings going to face you and it’s how you respond to adversity that dictates your path,” said Ross.

Although the teams experienced challenges, each challenge pushed the students to respond in the manner that protected our athletic program. This was highlighted in the situation Carrboro football encountered at Web High School where an altercation broke out between players and those watching.

“The best example was the unsportsmanlike football incident that happened at Webb high school, it could’ve been a disaster on many levels however our football coaching staff led by Coach Lathan and several players responded quickly to the situation and prevented severe consequences not only for the football program, the players, but also athletic program,” said Ross.

Not everything came with challenges however, a wide array of players won MVP, conference and Legacy awards. 

MVP awards were given to Reese Jahoo, senior, for men’s soccer, Lauren Baddour, senior, for women’s tennis, Francine Ollila, senior, for women’s golf, Amanda Brickner, sophomore, for field hockey and Destinee Dorsey, senior, for volleyball.

Besides MVPs, there are also All-Conference winners from every sport.

Carrboro has a very successful fall season and although some challenges arose, athletes and staff alike have pushed through and come out stronger.