Fall Concert

October 10 was the Carrboro High School Choral and Orchestral concert. The students taking preforming arts courses showcased their work from this quarter, displaying songs they practiced daily. The concert is split into different portions, organized by group or class. 

The concert began with the student lead acapella groups, including Unnecessary Measures and MeLadies, a new, all-female group. The MeLadies preformed acapella renditions of “Love Is Strange” and “Seven Nation Army”, featuring solos from Tori Soden, senior and Louie Wood, sophomore. Unnecessary Measures preformed “Down to the River to Pray” and “Imagine” with solos featuring Izzy Bannister.

“These groups hold auditions at the beginning of the school year and practice together a couple of times each week. Students prepare music and lead rehearsals all on their own,” said Valerie Puhala, CHS choir teacher in an email interview. 

Concert choir followed the student lead groups, which is a non-auditioned choral group for students who want to pursue a music elective. They preformed “Shine On Me” and “Cirandeiro”. Next came Women’s Ensemble, who preformed  “The Water Is Wide” and “Ma Navu”. This group contains students with treble voices, and they must audition in order to be accepted. Comparatively, Chamber Choir, who preformed “Salmo 150” and “Stars I Shall Find”, contains mixed voices. Both Women’s Ensemble and Chamber Choir receive honors credit and require an audition. 

“When I select songs for a performance, I have to consider many factors. These include the cost of the music, difficulty level, theme, tonality (major or minor key), tempo (fast or slow), language, voicing (how many harmony parts there are and what are the vocal ranges of those parts) interests of students/audience members, and many other details,” said Puhala.

Following the choral performances, the orchestra closed the concert. They performed Prelude and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 554 by J.S. Bach, On Walden Pond by Richard Meyer, Ave Verum Corpus (combined with Chamber Choir) by Mozart, and Palladio Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra by Karl Jenkins. 

“We have seen a lot of growth in the group dynamics of our ensembles. As time has gone on, student leadership has improved along with the ability of our students to take ownership of their learning and create something they’re really proud of,” said Puhala. 

Puhala adds that there is always room to grow and she is always looking to expand the program.