CHS Seeks Feedback on New Chromebooks

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Carrboro High School is currently in the process of deciding on what type of new Chromebooks to purchase for the upcoming school year.

The current ones are now over three years old and rapidly aging. Lenovo no longer even sells them. Many students have voiced repeated complaints about their build quality, processing power, and software.

The primary features that are in consideration for new ones are available tablet mode, styluses, drawing capabilities and world facing cameras. In addition all of the options feature better screens, higher quality materials and otherwise improved hardware which would likely fix most or all the issues experienced currently.

CHS is considering two options from Lenovo and thee from Dell. The Lenovo options include the 500e and the 300e. The options from Dell are the 3180, the 3100 Touchscreen Only, and the 3100 2 in 1. 

On Wednesday Carrboro had demos of all of them available for students to try out, and the response was very positive.

“These are way better than our Chromebooks,” said Harrison Clark, a CHS freshman.

“All of these are definitely far superior to the ones we have,” said Max Nelson, a CHS sophomore.

The school also hosted a survey to get feedback from students and staff. Several students asked favored the 500e.

However there were some criticisms regarding the new Chromebooks.

“Some of the features just seem unnecessary and I don’t really know when we would use,” said Nelson.

One way or another, it seems clear that whatever the school decides on, students look forward to getting an upgrade.

Owen Moore is a Sophomore at Carrboro High School. He enjoys carpentry, biking, hunting and camping. Procrastination is a passion of his.