CHS Celebrates Culture Fest

Image courtesy Jamie Fernandez-Schendt.

In the evening on November 14, CHS students, parents and faculty gathered in the cafeteria commons to celebrate the annual Culture Fest. Most attendees brought various dishes from their own culture.

Culture Fest has been a longstanding tradition at CHS that encourages all members of the community to come together, share a bit about their lifestyle and learn about the multitude of cultures within CHS. The night also allows all members of the CHS community to interact in a more relaxed and out-of-the-classroom setting. 

Following the potluck dinner, everyone was invited to enter the auditorium for a few poetry performances from members of the CHS Spoken Word Poetry Club and various films created by CHS students, some of whom are enrolled in Global Film and Cinema, a new class this year. 

Senior Fiona Galinsky is part of the AIS Council, the group of students that helped organize Culture Fest, and is a student in the Global Film and Cinema class that submitted short films. She felt that this year the film festival made significant progress from its debut last year.

“It was really cool because some of the movies last year didn’t really tell the full story and they were kind of smushed together … this year there were films of a higher caliber but we learned in the process as well,” she said.

Culture Fest has been a tradition at CHS since the school opened in 2007 and remains a favorite event among the CHS community.

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