Illustration by Ryx Zan

Over the summer you or some of your friends may have converted into a VSCO girl or E-boy. They have taken over our school. Have you noticed? You will catch the VSCO girls carrying a hydro flask and scrunchies, saying things like, “Sksksk! And I oop!” The E-boys might have black painted nails and wear silver chains. Many of the boys and girls with these descriptions use the app TikTok. Tik tok users spend hours a day on the app getting sucked in by their “For You” page.  Within a year of Tik Tok’s release there have been over 96 million downloads in the United States alone. 

Tik Tok is an app primarily used by twelve to twenty year olds, people can upload and view fifteen to sixty second long videos. Originally the app was called and had mostly lip-syncing videos, but now after a change in the apps name, the app has transformed into comedy sketches, dance videos and much more. 

 Ezra Sartor, a freshman at Carrboro High, downloaded the app over the 2019 spring break. Since then he has posted six videos on his account and gotten over 230 views on his first video.

“Originally I joined it as a joke because it was funny and a lot of people we’re doing it ironically,” said Sartor in an interview.

Since a majority of people who joined the app, downloaded it ironically or “as a joke”, it makes the app’s content a lot more humorous and relatable. 

Recently there have been many teachers and parents joining the app to see what the commotion is about. Carrboro High School’s, Amy Olsen downloaded the app after noticing noticed several students, that she described as VSCO girls and boys, asked to go out in the hallway and film Tik Toks.

“I joined Tik Tok to see what all the fuss was about with the young people,” said Olsen.

At our school, we have several students that have become “Tik Tok famous.” Genevieve Holmes, a junior at Carrboro High School, has over 3,000 followers. She joined the app Halloween of sophomore year because she saw a famous youtuber’s review of the app.

“There is a lot of different people, some people take it really seriously and put in a lot of effort than other people [who] are just messing around. Everyone gets what they wanted from going on there.  Also, it’s like Vine where you can just scroll for hours and find new things.”

Many users have compared Tik Tok to an old app called Vine, where users could post six second videos of whatever they wanted. Vine began the era of viral comedy videos that created the basis for much of the world’s sense of humor.

“I don’t think anything can replace Vine, but I definitely think some of the videos [on Tik Tok] have the same energy.” said Sartor.