Theatre Department Hosts Clue Scavenger Hunt

Thursday October 24 was the first showing of Carrboro High School’s theatre production Clue On Stage. Alongside the production, CHS theatre is running a scavenger hunt in hopes of energizing students for the premiere of the play. 

“There are three character cards located in three common areas in the school,” wrote Stegall via email. If a student discovers a card, they are instructed to take a selfie with the card and post their picture tagging the CHS theatre instagram account @carrborohigh_theatre with #getaclue. Then, to win, students should direct message the theatre account including the card’s location, the selfie and the student’s email. 

Up to three students who find a card can win a free ticket to the show. Presenting a clue ticket upon entry of the football game against Cummings High School on October 25 will deduct two dollars off of the original price.