Photo by Savannah DePaz

What is the first thing you think when you hear climate change? Water rising? Increasing pollution? Species going extinct? Whatever anyone may think, climate change is considered a large and very real problem and we should take a stand. As inhabitants of this Earth, the only Earth, it’s our task to save it.

Climate change affects the whole world and some think there may be no hope. To regain this hope, however, people, young and old, student and teacher, child and parent should  do whatever they can do to best to fight this danger. When I think of taking a stand, however, I think “I’m just a high school student, what can I do?” but I have answers. 

 “Focus on every little thing we can do because if everybody’s like ‘Oh, it’s just one plastic straw that one plastic straw doesn’t matter’, that’s 7 billion plastic straws,” says Callan Baruch, junior.

What people don’t know is that even the smallest act can make a difference because that is one more person out of 7 billion people who are working towards change. 

Even the simplest ideas can work. “We’ve all been able to reduce our trash by about 3⁄4 in the past couple of months,” Says Baruch.

This comes from recycling, compost and just being aware of what you use. When shopping there are even ways to buy in bulk so it produces less waste in the long run.

We also must reduce our usage overall. Working towards a zero waste society seems hard but realizing that plastic bottle isn’t necessary and getting a metal water bottle or not purchasing that giant bag of chips wrapped in plastic. These are such easy ways to move towards a better future. 

Besides cutting down on waste products, participation in events such as the Global Climate Strike, which occurred September 20th through 27th of 2019, can help make a difference as well. Students in our school and all over the country participated by walking out of school, going to rallies, chanting and overall raising awareness. Strikes like these are a peaceful way to show those in charge that change is needed to protect the Earth. 

It is things like these strikes, recycling and being aware, that everyday people must do in order to take a stand and raise awareness. Now I’m not telling you that you have to live in the wilderness and cut out all waste, but a zero waste society is what people should ideally work towards. Metal straws, bamboo utensils and toothbrushes, and reusable bags are all great ways that you can help and these resources are even very cheap and accessible to us. 


About Savannah DePaz

Savannah DePaz is a junior and a staff writer for the JagWire. She loves photography, playing soccer, dancing, and robotics. She also loves her cats her bunny, her chickens, and her cactus, George.