One of the library’s banned books’ displays. Photo by Ella Terry, editor.

From September 22 to September 28, the nation celebrated Banned Books Week. Along with larger celebrations and events, Carrboro High School’s library also raised awareness about censorship and the freedom to read. 

Banned Books Week is an awareness campaign promoted by Amnesty International and the American Library Association. The campaign focuses on highlighting challenged and banned books allowing the public to become familiar with opinions and points of view that aren’t seen or talked about much in the mainstream media. 

The CHS library staff  prepared for this week by organizing different displays. One, towards the front of the library focused on some of the most challenged books throughout history. Another exhibit focused on the most controversial or challenged books of 2018, including The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, one of the most popular books of the year. 

Femi Jayeola, CHS librarian, thinks that it’s very important for students to be aware of Banned Books Week and how it can affect them. 

“It’s very important, for teens especially, to celebrate the fact that they do have the opportunity to explore their learning interests without limitation,” said Jayeola.

This limitation and censorship and teaching students about those topics is the inspiration behind this week of celebrating books. Many consider literacy a human right and censorship inhibits people from reading what they want to read and writing what they want to write. 

“It’s especially important in this generation, in this climate, that you are aware of the issues that can affect you personally and that will also make huge effects in your country, in your community, and in your lifestyle,” said Jayeola.

While Banned Books Week has come to a close, it’s essential to stay aware of the fact that censorship can be a huge problem in many parts of the world, and it’s important to be able to read and write whatever you want to. 


About Ella Terry

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