CHCCS Board Of Education Election Profiles

The CHCCS School Board elections are coming up. Since a lot of people would like to know about who they’re voting for, here are the profiles for each of the five candidates.

Rani Dasi is running her campaign on individual success for all and community growth. “Education is a critical enabler of individual success and community growth. The CHCCS board serves an important role in setting policies and creating an environment that enables learning.  I have a strong interest in how the school board and community effectively work together to support successful educational outcomes,” says Dasi. 

Dasi has been a member of the school board since 2015; she served as board vice-chair from 2016-2017 and as board chair from 2017-18. Additionally, she is the board chair of the “walking classroom,” an award-winning education non-profit that provides teachers and students with the ability to workout without missing instructional time.

Ashton Powell plans to focus his campaign on the achievement gap in our schools, fostering a diverse workforce, mental health, the role of education in climate change, and shared governance.

Powell is a father, public school teacher and the leader in the shared governance of both the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) and the University of North Carolina System.

Deon Temne is running a simple campaign on three core values: Advocate. Represent. Trust. All three are values that the community as a whole should partake in, Temne believes. 

Temne has served as Chief Operating Officer for Farmer Foodshare, Cybersecurity Program Manager and Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer for the United States Department of Commerce, General Manager/IT Director at J&J Transportation, and Vice-Chair for the Equity Advisory Council. Temne has also served in the US Army (from 1991 to 2004), School Improvement Team at Northside Elementary, and the Steering Committee for the Campaign for Racial Equity in Our Schools.

Jillian La Serna cares most about data-based decision making, servant leadership, recruitment of diverse faculty, students first, and equity. She plans to make those things her top priorities if elected to the board.

La Serna has worked in the past as a teacher assistant, classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, and professor.

Andrew Davidson Plans to focus on the racial achievement gap, academic tracking, and special programs for academically/intellectually gifted, faculty/staff diversity and equity, dual language, school safety, community engagement, and budgeting in his campaign. He’s also running the entire campaign on $999 of his own money, proving that all he wants is votes – not money.

Davidson has been on school board in the past. He spent one year as vice-chair. He spent his career as a database engineer at IBM, he’s also the chair for the Special Needs Advisory Council (SNAC).

To hear more about the candidates go to the Chapel Hill Town Hall Council Chamber on Thursday, October 10, from 7-9 pm. The PTA and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro city chapter of the NAACP will be hosting a School Board candidates forum. During the forum, candidates will be fielding questions from anonymous individuals in the community.

Jack Warner is a senior at CHS. This is his first year on staff at the JagWire. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, lacrosse, and watching sports. He also is a youth sports official at the Young Man’s Christian Association.