Month: May 2019

Clashing opinions on Clan game

Normally, when people think of mobile games they might think Candy Crush, Trivia Crack and Fortnite. However, an older mobile game has made an appearance at CHS: Clash of Clans, an online, multiplayer game for iPhone and Android devices. The game, also known as COC, incorporates strategy with a heavy reliance on other players. Clash […]

Frisbee Nationals

Excitement was palpable and tensions ran high the weekend of May 4-5, when the Carrboro Clams, CHS’ ultimate frisbee team, brought home their first State Championship title. The Clams, an unofficial team not recognized or sponsored by the school, have gone to States every year, but this is the first time they’ve ever won. Winning […]

Dear Freshman Me:

As senior year draws to a close, there have been many moments in which I have wished I could go back in time and give my freshman self a quick word of advice before hand. So, in an effort to pass that advice along to someone, here is what I would tell my freshman self […]

SROs in elementaries

“To protect and to serve” is a motto adopted by countless police departments across the nation. Nowhere else in law enforcement is this mantra so pertinent as in the role of a student resource officer. Student resource officers, or SROs, are critical resources for the security of public schools across the nation. The role is […]

Pending district sexual assault protocol

Typically, there are two responses to sexual assault and harassment on a school campus: the administrative response and the student services response. The administrative response has numerous guidelines on how to handle and punish the harmer, according to the code of conduct and disciplinary actions the school system has in place. The student services response […]

Teachers march for increased wages

Teachers march on Raleigh to demand better pay and defend their rights. Photo by Elsie Baker On May 1, while students were enjoying their day off, many teachers from NC marched in downtown Raleigh for better pay and more funding for public schools. The march was planned by the NCAE (North Carolina Association of Educators). […]

Weekly Sports Update

Every week the Jagwire will recap the sporting events from the past week. Check below to see the winners and scores from Monday, April 22 to Friday, April 26. Men’s tennis lost to NCSSM on Monday in the quarterfinal round of the State tournament. The team finished the season 10-5 overall and 8-2 in the […]

The Chapel Hill Service Award

In a segregation-ridden community, the Chapel Hill school system was split into two separate schools: Chapel Hill High School and Lincoln High School. Now, over half a century later, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District has four separate high schools, in which students of all colors, creeds and backgrounds are enrolled. Jock Lauterer, Carolyn Daniels, […]

Carrboro Celebrates Mother’s Day

Many people agree that their parents do a lot for them. They often balance busy work schedules with taking care of themselves and their kids, while finding time to go above and beyond expectations. For high school students, parents can offer words of encouragement when students are stressed or tired, and help make sure that […]

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