CHS’ Biannual Blood Drive

From left to right: junior Alissa Dunn, sophomore Praveen Puviindran, sophomore John Duncan, sophomore Daniel Kapner, sophomore Chris Smith, sophomore Lily Gallardo and junior Megan Cubell pose in the gymnasium. Photo by Elsie Baker

On April 4, 2019, Carrboro High held a blood drive in their gymnasium. All student donors who were under 18 were required to bring a form signed by their parent or guardian. The American Red Cross brought their equipment at the beginning of the school day, and drew blood from donors all day.  

Praveen Puviindran, CHS sophomore, from the Carrboro Red Cross club, volunteered to help donors recover after they gave their blood.

“After each donor gave blood, we were in charge of making sure they didn’t show any signs of fainting like losing color in their face or slurred words. Then, we would give them any food or drink they wanted. They could go back to class around 15 minutes after they gave blood,” said Puviindran.

The club was started over five years ago, and the presidency has been handed down to rising seniors each year. Currently, Megan Cubell and Alissa Dunn are the presidents and the advisor is is Nurse Hancock.

Two blood drives are held every year, one in the fall and one in the spring. It’s held to receive blood to give to the American Red Cross Association. This last spring the blood drive received 42 donors.

“It’s important to me to volunteer at the blood drive because I know that even if I’m not old enough to donate myself, I know I’m helping people who are in need of help. One donor can save four lives,” said Puviindran.

If you’re interested, sign up to donate next year. If you are under 16, you can always join the club and volunteer like Puviindran.