Incoming freshmen and parents line the gym during an icebreaker for Registration Night. Photo courtesy Lucy Carroll

On Monday, March 4, Carrboro High School held its first annual registration night from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Registration night allows for any student to come to school and explore different class options for the next year, speak one-on-one with their teachers and let parents interact with teachers.

“The purpose of tonight is to give grade level information for students who will be attending Carrboro High School next year, particularly for students who are rising ninth graders who have never been to Carrboro before” said Ashley Freuler, eleventh grade counselor.

All throughout the school, activities and meetings took place. The commons of the school were filled with posters and signs promoting elective courses for new students to take a look at. The school library and some of the classrooms contained teachers talking to parents and students alike about their upcoming school year.

The school was mainly filled with rising freshman coming to Carrboro High School, exploring the hallways they will soon be walking for the next four years.

In the gym, a huge icebreaker activity took place for freshman students, where staff, students and parents could get to know each other. Two lines were set up running along the perimeter of the gym, and as the two lines moved in opposite directions. Those attending were told to answer questions like “What are you looking forward to?” or “What is your biggest fear about high school?”

“[The icebreaker] was trying to help normalize the experience, parent to parent, of this transition. Most people that came, this is their first child in high school, and it kind of freaks people out sometimes, and so I think it was to minimize that stress, to help people know that there are other people feeling similar things,” said Michael Horton, Carrboro social studies teacher.

A presentation was then given to inform students and family about class information for the upcoming year.

“For freshman academy, they had a specific talk introducing students to information focusing on registration, on courses and sort of general information about Carrboro High School,” said Freuler.

Carrboro’s hope for the night was to give students the information needed to make the best decisions for next year’s class, as well as to become more comfortable with the school and staff in preparation for next year.

We’re hoping that students will feel more comfortable already having been to Carrboro, that they’ll start to feel connected to Carrboro before they even step foot in the door on their first day of ninth grade,” said Freuler.

“You know, before you know it, it will be summer. It will be that time to start back up again, so if we can get as much of it done beforehand, it makes it easier for us to work in it throughout the summer,” said Ken Lathan, twelfth grade guidance counselor.