UNC will face-off against Duke tomorrow in one of the toughest basketball rivalries in basketball history. Illustration by Nina Scott

This Saturday, March 9, UNC and Duke will face off again in one of the most anticipated sporting events in college basketball. The last time the two teams faced off, on February 20, Zion Williamson was pulled 33 seconds into the game – due to a knee sprain as the result of busting through his shoe.

Williamson has not played in a game since the incident in late February, and he has not announced whether he will play in Saturday’s game.

Ticket prices are nearing $9,000, and will continue to rise as the game approaches. Ticket prices for the previous game rivaled ticket prices for the Super Bowl.

President Obama and Phil Ford were in attendance at the previous match up. There hasn’t been word of who is thought to be attending Saturday’s game, but UNC students have been camping out since Thursday, in anticipation. Fans look forward to rushing Franklin Street, should the Tar Heels pull out another win.

Duke was favored by nine points at the previous matchup, but UNC ended up winning by 16. The stakes for tomorrow’s game are much higher, since whoever wins is likely to be a one seed heading into the NCAA tournament.

Matt Cone, a CHS social studies teacher, says that, “[Coach K’s] team will get dominated.”

March 9 is also Senior Night for the Tar Heels. Sunday will be the last game in the Dean Dome for seniors Kenny Williams, Cam Johnson and Luke Maye, and potentially for freshmen Nassir Little and Coby White.