February is Black History Month, and to remember and celebrate black excellence throughout history, the annual Community Dinner is happening this Thursday at CHS.

Carrboro High Community Dinners have taken place for the past 12 years, and they celebrate black culture, history and excellence. The dinners look back on famous historical figures and invite black students to safely share their school experiences as part of a predominantly white student body.

Zoyie Mangaroo, CHS senior, will be on a student panel.

“Being on the student panel allows me to speak about my experiences as a student of color in the CHCCS district, and brain storm ideas with people in our community on how we can help African American students successed and stop the micro aggression and outside school suspension,” said Mangaroo, via email. “This also allows people in our community to hear about the different things happening with and to African American students, and how they can help.”

This year’s theme is “Black Excellence: Student Voices, Community Connections,” with panels from students, photos from the Civil Rights Movement in Chapel Hill and a guest speaker. The Marion Cheek Jackson Center, a center working towards preserving the future of historically black neighborhoods in Chapel Hill, will display photos from the Civil Rights Movement in Chapel Hill, some coming from the National Museum for African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

Howard Lee, a former senator in the North Carolina General Assembly, is speaking on Thursday, the first black mayor of Chapel Hill, and the first black mayor of a majority white southern town. After his time as mayor, Lee went on to serve in the North Carolina Senate for 8 years. Lee focuses on the issues facing public education, including the achievement gap.

The Community Dinner aims to bring students, teacher, parents and people from different backgrounds together to celebrate black history, black excellence and black students at CHS. The dinner gives a chance for black students to be recognized and to let their voices be heard in a community that is primarily white.

The Community Dinner is on February 7, from 6-8pm in the Carrboro High School Commons. To RSVP, use this link: https://www.evite.com/event/017AW5RWMHU7XMEZKEPJEBFOKUVAPU/rsvp?utm_source=NA&utm_medium=sharable_invite&utm_campaign=send_sharable_link


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