Positive Reception from the Band’s First Concert of 2018-2019

Carrboro High School’s band had their first concert of the year on December 14, 2018, showing their ability to perform familiar and unfamiliar music in a classical style. While not the most popular class in Carrboro, the students who take band really seem to enjoy and appreciate the experiences they get from the class.

“I have gotten so many benefits from being in band that to be honest, it is kind of unreal. It’s been an eye-opener for me ever since middle school. And to be honest if I didn’t have band I wouldn’t be the person that I am as of today, and for that, I can not be grateful enough,” said Jeremiah Shelton, sophomore.

“It’s really amazing to see kids perform in such of professional level,” said Vivian Pitts, Shelton’s mother.

Most of the parents enjoyed the performance. It was a challenge for the class of 2018-2019 because there was a lot of growing that happened since 2017. A lot of new students and freshmen form the majority of the class.

“Almost two-thirds of the band are freshmen, which [means] they will have a lot of growing as musicians,” said Casey Spillman, CHS’s band teacher.

The band performance allowed students to show off their talents.“My favorite thing they did well is how much energy they brought to the stage,” said Spillman.

Some of parents and students were surprised by the music selections, as a there was only one Christmas song.

“They should have done songs that were more familiar. I thought they will have more Christmas music,” said Pitts.

It’s very important that bands change their tone for each new piece, depending on the character. Instrumentation alone won’t do that. There has to be a concept along with it.

Spillman had a lot of fun ways to involve others in the concert — not just playing instruments, but getting some teachers to wear helmets and tapping their heads with paper pipes to make music.

Spillman also mentioned in the concert that the young musicians are working to become better and have more power in the music to impress families.

Mohammad, also known as M.O.E., is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 school year who enjoys making music and building his social media presence.