December 3, 2018 was the first women’s home basketball game featuring the Jordan Matthews’ Jets in a big showdown. The game was a thrilling start to the Jaguars’ season, leaving some players excited to think about team dynamics and the future of their program.


Ana Leigh, junior guard, sees a lot of success ahead for the team.


“I expect that throughout the season we will develop a lot of chemistry and meet the goals that we set, and I think that we will be successful, and we’ll have a good time,” said Leigh.

Nichole Noel, junior small forward, is excited for the team to showcase their skills in conference play.


“I expect that we will continue to work hard and improve, and when we play people in our conference, we will be more competitive.”


The game started off a bit slow with the other team breaking away with a big lead. But the Jags had some time to think during halftime, and they had a strong third quarter. Even though the Jags lost, they learned what they need to work on to be more successful in future games.


“Our first home game did not go as we planned, we didn’t execute plays correctly, and we weren’t happy with how we were doing, but at the end of the game we picked it up and ended strongly,” said Leigh.


Leigh has also thought about potential strategies that the team could work to incorporate into their next game.


“We need to work on making layups and free throws and encourage people on the court more from the bench,” said Leigh.


Leigh thinks that having a strong fan base and support system can improve player performance and raise the spirit of the team.


“Definitely, 100 percent, people need to show out; we could definitely use more support,” said Leigh.


The team’s next home game is on December 20 against Bartlett Yancey, and the Jags are excited for another chance to showcase their work as a team.