The sports season has come to a close, and that means that the Fall Sports Banquet came once again. Monday, November 26 was an evening of family, families, friends, and of looking back on the accomplishments of Jaguars across teams.

Student athletes gathered together with their coaches and parents on Monday evening to say goodbye for the year, and the mood was bittersweet. As attendees enjoyed cake and coaches presented awards, teammates shared memories of significant moments of the season.

“It was a great way to reflect on our season,” said Elly Hensley, senior volleyball player. Throughout the banquet, the sentiment of reflection and appreciation was prevalent. Coaches spoke about the successes and challenges that defined the season and lauded the athletes who went above and beyond.

“It was great coming out and seeing everyone tonight to celebrate our successes,” said Sydney West, senior volleyball player.

Men and women’s teams came together, and coaches had an opportunity to speak earnestly to their teams about their potential as the season closed out- and not just as athletes.

“It was really inspiring to see Drexler say that he cares more about our development as good people than players.” said Bela Maetzel, senior soccer player.