This school year, big changes are coming for Carrboro High’s poetry lovers: Lisa Rubenstein, English teacher, is co-advising the Slam Poetry Club with Andrew Jester, English teacher. The club has transformed over the years.

Sarah Warner, senior, has led the Poetry Club with Jester since 2016. The club has always functioned as an opportunity for the young poets of our school to share their work in a public forum, but things are little different this year.

Clara Ruth Logan, a long-time member of the club is enthusiastic about the transition to a club that places greater emphasis on performance.

“I am excited about it, because I love slam poetry, and I think it’s basically what we were trying to do before, because poetry club was based on reading poems, and now we can really dive into the reading emotionally,” said Logan, a senior.

Beginning last year, the Poetry Club began the practice of starting classes with writing

prompts to encourage participation from members who aren’t actively writing poems. This practice will be continued this year with Ms. Rubenstein’s involvement.

“I feel like Ms. Rubenstein will come up with some pretty creative prompts,” said Logan.

Another major addition coming this year is club participation in outside performances. Mia Spadavecchio, club co-leader, spoke on the upcoming change.

“Every second Thursday of each month at Flyleaf, they have a slam poetry open mic thing, so we’re going to start making that an active part of our club,” said Spadavecchio.

Despite the new changes, one thing that the leaders intend to maintain in Poetry Club is its open and welcoming tone.

“It’s a very safe space,” said Logan. “I felt like I could share my poems, and I did, and I became a better poet because of it.”