Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: a worldwide honoring of parenthood. Whether you’re the one celebrating this holiday or the one being celebrated, these two holidays are an ongoing tradition that have been eminent through history. This year, Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 13th, and Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th. Both of these holidays date back to the Greek and Roman empires, with festivals being held to honor mothers in their culture and to honor the mothering goddesses.

But, Anna Jarvis created today’s Mother’s Day, using this holiday to remember her mother who had just passed away. Jarvis worked to popularize this holiday and even worked with local floral companies to promote it.

This sprouted the origin of the next holiday, Father’s Day. It began when Sonora Smart-Dodd thought up the idea to honor her father while at a Mother’s Day sermon. Her mother had died at a young age and her father was there along the way to raise the children. He was a Civil War veteran and a widower, and she believed that he deserved just as much honor as mothers did, thus creating the holiday Father’s Day. Not long after, this holiday too become commercialized, following in the steps of Mother’s Day.

Here at CHS, many students celebrate these two holidays, but many teachers also do so as parents. Some of Carrboro’s teachers have kids, making them the subject of celebration on these holidays.

One of these teachers is Carrboro’s engi- neering teacher, Dr. Jeffrey Arthurs. Dr. Arthurs has a son, aged 20, who attends the University of Florida. While it may be tough to try and get together, they make an effort every year.

“We try to do something special,” says Arthurs. “That includes going somewhere, doing something together.  He’s finishing his third year at Florida, and it’s been a bit hard to do things with timing, but we try every year.”

While it may be onerous to meet every year for Father’s Day, it is the meaning of  the holiday that makes it truly special.

“I think that it’s one day that allows me to really be proud of being Joshua’s father. I’m reminded of the awesome responsibility and I celebrate the joys of seeing him grow up and become an outstanding adult,” says Arthurs.

Even though the holidays of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are increasingly commercialized, it doesn’t detract from the meaning of each one. While the celebration may be different for each family, it all has the same backstory and purpose. It is meant to honor parents and celebrate how they’ve changed and influenced their children.

Illustration by Nina Scott-Farquharson


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