Month: May 2018

Pick Up the Pace

Three minutes. That’s all the time that Carrboro High School students have between each class. Three minutes may seem like a lot, but when you factor in using the restroom, grabbing a quick snack, dropping something off at the office and, of course, the slow walkers, the time you need increases. Unfortunately, we cannot change […]

Context is Everything

Gun control and the Yemen conflict; women’s abuses in America and women’s abuses in Iraq; food insecurity in the U.S. and famine in Venezuela. The contrast of these issues — of those that worry the everyday American and those that destroy the lives of people every day in countries across the world — can be […]

Choosing to Walk or Not

#Enough is enough. On April 20, students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools left class and marched to the Peace and Justice Plaza, on East Franklin Street, in protest of gun violence; however, debate over the walkout could be heard much earlier. Carrboro High School was filled with voices advertising the walk out. Students said, “if […]

200 Goals for Cox

On April 26, one of the best women’s lacrosse athletes Carrboro High has ever seen reached another milestone; senior Mackenzie Cox scored her 200th goal against Riverside, completing two centuries worth of goals over her four years playing for CHS. The goal came during this year’s senior night game, punctuating a 14-13 win for the […]

eSports Aren’t Easy

Game day: fans flood arenas wearing team jerseys, searching for events to meet their dream players and gain an autograph. Those who don’t make it to the event itself sit impatiently by their laptops and T.V.s waiting for their streaming service to begin airing. All wait to watch those who’ve spent hours honing their skills. […]

CHS Jaguar Hall of Fame

David Veltri  Veltri has been a wrestler on the Carrboro Wrestling team since 2014. During his time on the team he has collected numerous awards, He will be inducted for All-State Wrestling. Quincy Monday Monday has been a wrestler on the Carrboro Wrestling team since 2016. Of his time on the team he has one […]

Spring Sports in Review

As Spring sports at Carrboro begin to end, the JagWire interviewed some players about their season. Each player below was asked the following questions: 1: How do the goals that your team set before the season compare to the results of the season? 2: What’s been the highlight of the year with your teammates not on the court/field/track? Here are some […]

Thanks, Mom & Dad

Maxwell Luce (Freshman) “My parents are very, I guess, ‘pro-education’ and ‘pro-knowledge’ and aren’t very indoctrinating. They don’t really care that I have radically different opinions about pretty much everything than them. Building off that, they don’t care too much when I disagree with them, as long as it’s reasonable. Like obviously, if they wanted […]

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