Do you have a favorite restaurant in Chapel Hill? Many Chapel Hillians have one restaurant that they believe is the best. Whenever families are deciding where to eat, some family members have strong opinions on where is best. So, next time your family has to make a decision, consider the following restaurants and opinions of others at Carrboro High School.

Do you like pizza? There are a couple of delicious options for you. Mellow Mushroom combines the creative and hipster cultures of America with delicious Italian flavors. One of the most famous Mellow Mushroom pizzas is the chicken pie, comprised of BBQ chicken, mozzarella, cheddar, caramelized onions and applewood smoked bacon, finished with a BBQ sauce swirl.

The next option is the Napoli wood-fired pizza food truck in Carrboro. Although this isn’t a restaurant, their pizza is some of the best pizza you can get in North Carolina. Napoli imports the majority of its ingredients from Naples, Italy. It was founded in 2014 when the founders built their own wood-fired pizza oven that can cook a pizza in two minutes.

Another option is 411 West, located on the west end of Franklin Street in the heart of Chapel Hill. 411 strives to provide the value of quality service and outstanding food at an affordable price. 411 isn’t as well-known for its pizza, but more for its appetizing Italian dishes including lemon linguine, lasagne bolognese, chicken marsala and gnocchi.

If you aren’t a pizza lover, how about some Mexican food? Apart from the common chain options of Chipotle and Moe’s, there are numerous local Mexican restaurants in Chapel Hill that will please
the palate.

Carrburritos was an idea brought to Carrboro from California by owners Cail and Bill Fairbanks. In California, there were burrito joints around every corner. Cail created all of Carrburritos’ recipes with the advice of a friend who had lived in Mexico. Now, Carrburitos finds itself among the top Mexican food restaurants in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area.

Another great Mexican option is Armadillo Grill; many CHS seniors love going to Armadillo Grill during the lunch period to pick up a quick taco.

If you are not much of a Mexican or Italian-food fan, maybe burgers or Chinese food can cure your hunger. One of the most famous burger joints in Chapel Hill, since 2013 when it first opened shop, is Al’s Burger Shack. Al’s Burger Shack has crafted a mouthwatering menu that has some of the most creative burger creations around, including the Kenny J, Melly Mel, Paco, Sally Mack and even a hot dog, the Dirty Dog. It even includes a great selection of sides to accompany your burger, including sweet potato fries, crinkle cut fries and the “shack salad.” And, for vegetarians, there is the healthy Kaarin burger.

Another strong burger spot is Hickory Tavern, located under the Hampton Inn and across from Gourmet Kingdom.

Transition facilitator at Carrboro High, Lorrie Marro, says that the best thing about Hickory Tavern is the “amazing sports atmosphere.” She also recommends their delicious lemon pepper wings.

A popular Carrboro Chinese restaurant is Jade Palace. It is known for its modern interpretation of classical dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. They also have a delivery service that is very convenient.

Another Chinese offering is Gourmet Kingdom. While a bit pricier, Gourmet Kingdom provides enormous servings of food in each of their dishes. With 150 options, there’s something for everyone.

Chinese restaurants and burgers are great choices to take into consideration when choosing where you want to eat because they are sure to fill you up.

Choosing where you want to eat out is an important task that can take time. But, with the proper consideration of all options, it will be impossible for you not to find an enjoyable meal here in Carrboro or Chapel Hill. Hopefully you can turn to this helpful guide the next time you need help deciding.