When did you start playing ultimate frisbee?

I started throwing the ultimate frisbee when my brother was in sixth grade, so I was in second grade, and I started playing when I was eleven.

What are the Carrboro Clams?

The Carrboro Clams are the Carrboro High School ultimate frisbee team; it’s a club and it’s fun.

Why are you called the Carrboro Clams?

We are the clams because when Carrboro High School was deciding their mascot, the clams were the runner up mascot choice. So we’re the clams. Because we’re a club we can’t use the Jaguars as our mascot because we’re  not a school sponsored team.

Who are the team’s coaches?

Head Coach Skylair … he played Ultimate at UNC and he plays club ultimate. There’s three assistant coaches: Matt Oliveti, who plays club ultimate, and then two UNC players, Mark Rodner and Nathan Dierhuys.

When did you start playing for the Carrboro Clams?

I picked up with them my eighth grade year because they were short on numbers and my brother, Matt, played on the team. I was put in the roster at the end of the season, and now I’m officially on the team

What is your favorite part about ultimate frisbee?

I really like their spirit of the game idea, which is that the most important part of the game is to be respectful and be a good person and do the right thing instead of just being rude to other players and trying to get in their face. So it’s really different from other sports where people are just hostile.

Do you think you are going to continue to play after high school?

I will, I’m trying to continue. A lot of colleges have ultimate teams. So… I mean that’s not a reason I would go to college but it’s definitely a big part of my life.

Would you say that ultimate frisbee is an overlooked sport? If so, why?

I think it is overlooked. I think it’s like frowned upon in the social eye, but I think it’s really enjoyable. I think a lot of people have fun doing it, and people should give it a shot. I think people see it as a nerdy or sort of un-athletic sport. Maybe at beginner levels that’s true, but at advanced levels it’s really competitive and intense and I think people just don’t see that.

Is there anything that you want people who don’t play ultimate to know?

It’s really fun. It’s really competitive and people should give it a shot before they judge people for doing it.


About Jade Simpson

Jade Simpson is one of the co-Editors in Chief, a third year Newspaper student, and a senior at Carrboro High School. On the weekends, Jade rides horses and eats skittles (but only the orange and yellow ones). She has often been described as loud, outgoing, and fun.