Month: March 2018

CHS takes on March Madness

In a year full of upsets, buzzer beaters and bracket busters, the NCAA tournament, March 15 to April 2, has reached the height of uncertainty as sixteen-seeded UMBC beat the overall one seed UVA. According to ESPN, the odds of guessing a perfect bracket are 9.2 quintillion to one, a fact reinforced when every bracket […]

Behind the Scenes of the March 14 Walkout

At 9:55 am on Wednesday, March 14, a number of students will leave their classes to stand in the courtyard in silence for seventeen minutes. The walkout is a protest in support of stricter gun legislation and meant to honor the seventeen victims of the Marjory Stonemean Douglas (MSD) shooting in Parkland, Florida a month […]

Failed New Year’s resolutions

Every New Year, people across the world discuss what they will do to grow in the new year. However, by the time March rolls around, most New Year’s Resolutions are left in the dust, leaving many — including CHS students — to wonder if a new year really does mean a new me. Katie Brannum, […]

Which English Teacher are You?

Do you ever lie awake at night, counting sheep and wondering which CHS English teacher is your spirt teacher? Well, wonder no more! The Jagwire finally presents a way to answer your most burning question! Sleep happy knowing the truth is only a quiz away. [os-widget path=”/hopeanderson77/which-chs-english-teacher-are-you” of=”hopeanderson77″ comments=”false”]

Darkest Hour Does Not Deserve the Limelight

Darkest Hour, the 2017 drama which follows Winston Churchill’s first weeks in office, won two Oscars Last night — Best Actor (Gary Oldman) and Best Makeup. It was nominated for four more awards, including Best Picture. I enjoyed the movie alright, but in my opinion, Darkest Hour was overrated.   As my friend pointed out […]

Carrboro High receives its own report card

Many students are familiar with the concept of report cards, as they get their own every year. But what most don’t know is that — just like students — schools get report cards too. North Carolina School Report Cards (SRCs) aren’t too different from those given to students: they give informa- tion on the characteristics […]

Political debate at CHS

Talking politics is often a sensitive topic. Whether at the dinner table with family or the lunch table with friends, someone is bound to have an opposing view. Following President Trump’s inauguration, politics became an increasingly polarizing subject of discussion in America. With that shift came a change in the way people talk about political […]

CHS leads the way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) engineering classes are in their third year at Carrboro High School, and the program is more popular this year than ever before. The number of students involved in PLTW has increased since CHS introduced its first class within the program: Introduction to Engineering. The number of students in the program has […]

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