When Valentine’s Day rolls around, people usually take one of two paths. People in relationships tend to use the holiday as a way to express their affections towards their significant others. But those who are more romantically-challenged (single people, for example) often find themselves feeling lonely, apathetic or indifferent to the mushy, lovey-dovey day. Here are some ways to turn Valentine’s Day from a card-giving, chocolate-eating, lonely-feeling, pink-and-red mess, into a special day to appreciate yourself and your loved ones.

Show your pets some love. Walk your dog! Play with your cat! Pets will be there for you no matter what while significant others will come and go and are virtually useless. Pets deserve love too.

Take a personal day. Read a good book to forget you aren’t in a supportive romantic relationship, or take a bubble bath to relax from all of your stress. Treat yo’ self!

Hang out with friends. Friends are great, and you can even give them valentines without the fear of emotions messing anything up (like in a relationship).

Sleep all day. Think about it: if you sleep the day away, it’s like Valentine’s Day never happened. Bonus: you get beauty sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated, which can be rare.

Go do a cool activity. Go for a hike, paint a picture, go to Frankie’s, hit up ice-skating or watch a movie at home. All of these activities are fun, need only one person and keep your mind off of Valentine’s Day!

Sequester yourself. Watching Netflix all day by yourself or playing angsty, unromantic music will definitely keep you occupied, and you won’t have to see anyone you don’t want to. Win-win, for sure.

Treat it like any other day. All jokes aside, Valentine’s Day is just another regular day, whether you are single or not. You don’t have to jump up with joy to celebrate it, but you also don’t have to be the Scrooge of love. Just be yourself, do your own thing and remember that you’ll have 364 days until it comes around again.

Illustration by Ryx Zan

About Chelsea Ramsey

Chelsea is Editor-in-Chief for the 2018-2019 school year. She is an avid reader.