Get Out by far deserves the Oscar for best picture and best original screenplay.

The depth of the content in the movie is unbelievable. Get Out conveys the roots and concepts behind slavery while incorporating modern technology as it relates to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. The satirical film adds horror and comedy to a topic that many people are uncomfortable discussing: race.

In brief, Chris, the main character, and boyfriend of Rose, goes with her to her parents’ house for a weekend getaway. Coincidentally, it’s the same weekend that her family is hosting their annual get-together party with their closest friends. During this time, Chris begins to pick up on the personality and comments of her family and their friends that begin to make him question their intentions. He slowly discovers the “sunken place” and that his lovely girlfriend and his in-laws are not who he thought they were.

If you thought that synopsis was a cliffhanger, just watch the movie. You’ll be even more shook at the ending.