Q: How long have you been playing an instrument/been in orchestra?

A: In orchestra, I’ve been playing for about 10

Q: What was your inspiration for starting to play?

A: I was really into pirates, and I really wanted to be a pirate. I saw the movie Master and Commander, and I was too young to get any of the plot, but it was a movie about pirates and there was a violinist in it, so I was like “Okay, if I wanna be a pirate, I have to play violin.” Also, the movie Music Man is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I used to pretend to be Harold Hill. So, that inspired me to play violin too.

Q: Do you plan to continue your musical career?

A: Oh yes, absolutely. I mean I’ve been playing for a really long time, where I do a lot with it. I don’t know if it’s going to be my sole profession, but I know I’m always going to play violin.

Q: What is your favorite musical memory at Carrboro so far?

A: One of my favorite musical memories was our last concert of the year. It wasn’t the best concert, but we did a key symphony piece with all the teachers, so Jester was up there playing tambourine, and the Assistant Principals. Klakovich was nailing the kookoo. He is a musical guy; I never picked that up in class. It was a lot of fun to play that piece with them.

Q: Do you have any advice to the freshman or incoming freshman in the CHS orchestra?

A: Yeah. Be excited! If you’re excited about something stay excited; don’t let anybody rain down on your parade.

Q: Do you have any inspiration for why you play violin?

A: I’ve had a few major ones. My violin teacher, he’s been in the North Carolina symphony, he has been incredibly inspirational. One person I worked with over the summer who told me this one quote for music that I probably will never forget as long as I live: “If it looks easy, it’s hard and if it looks hard, it’s hard.” So basically, just everything is hard. And it’s so true, because when you see a piece of music like Barber’s Adagio for String, which is one of the most beautiful things of all time, the notes are easy, everything looks easy, but it’s impossible to do it well.