Lunch is a wonderful time to get away from normal class activities and, take a break from tests, quizzes, lectures and school work. Students can spend time playing sports, participating in clubs, watching YouTube, chatting with friends, studying for tests, going off campus or doing many other activities.

For the most part, students spend their lunch time eating outside in the courtyard or inside in the commons. While the commons can get pretty crowded at the start of the lunch period, it clears up around the start of B lunch as many students migrate to classrooms or the library where they can chat with friends and work.

The library is a helpful and quiet area for working on projects and studying for upcoming tests and quizzes. What some don’t realize, though, is that the library isn’t just a place to get homework done. It’s also where some students choose to chat with friends and socialize. It is just like the commons or courtyard in that sense, except it is much calmer and quieter.

The courtyard is one of the most exciting areas to sit during lunch be- cause of all that goes on. Every day a free-for-all game of soccer goes on in the courtyard field. The soccer game is also usually accompanied by a neighboring game of ultimate frisbee.

Sophomore Loévan Bost occasionally joins that soccer game, and says he loves the competitiveness that every- one plays with during the games.

Bost has scored a lot of goals, he asserts, so everyone targets him when he plays.

“There aren’t any refs so it can get pretty dangerous with everybody trying to kick each other really hard. I had to retire because I was scoring too many goals,” said Bost.

Students who go to teachers’ rooms do so for many reasons. Some students go to catch up with their teacher, get help with homework, study for tests, make up missed work, work on projects and talk with friends. It is a good way for students to get help with class work so that they can be successful in their classes.

Although lunch is a period that many students enjoy, some believe that it needs to be improved just a little to make it an even more enjoyable time.

“I wish that I had enough time to watch an entire episode of my favorite show during lunch, but sadly, I have never watched an episode of my favorite show from beginning to end during the lunch period. If only we had a few minutes more,” said sophomore Rachel Grau.

Sophomore Brynn Holt-Ling believes that everyone — not just seniors — should be able to go off campus for

For the most part, though, lunch is a delightful 53 minutes of students socializing, relaxing, eating and getting classwork done.