Month: December 2017

The meat of the argument

Pro-vegetarianism, by Eliza McLamb Hamburgers. Hot dogs. Cookouts. ‘Merica. It’s no secret that meat is a staple of the American nation; walk into any restaurant and you’re guaranteed a dish fit for a carnivore. With over 96 percent of the United States population identifying as meat-eaters, and a culture that encourages meat consumption at every […]

Has Apple lost their X-factor?

Levi Hencke, defending the most valuable company in the world, Apple Ah, the age-old debate: Apple versus Android — or, in this case, Samsung. It’s never been a hard choice. On the one hand, you have the lawless, fragmented, half-baked ecosystem that are Samsung Galaxy phones. On the other, you have the perfect meld of […]

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