Earlier this year, Carrboro High School lost Daphne Montoya, one of the school’s beloved math teachers. Her absence is felt throughout the halls by both the student body and faculty. Today, the JagWire shares a collection of quotes about Montoya.

Jamey Barkdolloni, Resource Teacher who worked with Montoya at Orange High School and CHS

“I was amazed by her abilities to break down complex math concepts into understandable parts for her students. She believed that all of her students could and would be successful if they were willing to put in the time and effort. She attempted to instill that belief in all of her students.”

Juanita Roncancio, a sophomore in Montoya’s class freshman year

“She always chose the students she knew had the right answer to come up and explain, so everybody could understand. As a person, she very strict, but she was also nice. She was the kind of strict that made you like her.”

John Hite, Resource Teacher

“She didn’t want an easy path. She wanted to teach specific classes with students she felt like she could connect with and encourage to reach their full potential. I found that to be very admirable”

Cameron Ferguson, CHS social studies teacher

“I’m a first year teacher here. I didn’t actually know Mrs. Montoya as an adult, but she was my sixth grade math teacher… I wish I could have had the chance to have worked with her.”