Month: October 2017

Shop for schools

In today’s society, there are gift cards for almost everything: restaurants, movie theaters and online shopping. One newly-popular place to get a gift card in Carrboro is a grocery store. This is because of the Grocery Store Card Program, run by Christie Osborne and the Carrboro PTSA. Osborne, a parent of three who currently attend […]

In Memory of Mrs. Montoya

Earlier this year, Carrboro High School lost Daphne Montoya, one of the school’s beloved math teachers. Her absence is felt throughout the halls by both the student body and faculty. Today, the JagWire shares a collection of quotes about Montoya. Jamey Barkdolloni, Resource Teacher who worked with Montoya at Orange High School and CHS “I […]

Donut dilemma

Krispy Kreme, in my personal opinion, is the reigning champion and best donut chain is home to America’s favorite donuts. Established in 1937, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Krispy Kreme’s delicious donuts are at the heart of every American. It’s “rival,” Dunkin Donuts, is the home of stale donuts that taste like bread. And, unlike […]

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