CHS celebrates ten years of theatre

Every year the students of Theatre IV produce a show that proves to be a culmination of four years of hard work; but this year’s 10-Year Anniversary Revue instead opts to look back even before the freshman years of the Theatre IV seniors.

This upcoming spring show is a showcase of all the musicals and plays put on by the Carrboro High School Theatre Department in its ten years of performances.

From the 2007 fall play of The Curious Savage to this year’s Cinderella, a scene from each play and a song from each musical have been included in this condensed summary of these past ten years of theatrical excellence.

For senior Theatre IV student and Musical Director/Producer Julia Stamey, this show doesn’t come without its challenges.

“The show order [is the hardest part]. All the shows are really fantastic on their own, but it’s been surprisingly hard to find a way to make every scene flow,” said Stamey.

Initially the completely student run show was planned to pan out in chronological order, alternating between a scene from a play and a song from each musical for each year in the order in which they were performed.

“We decided against [doing it that way] because the flow was really bad,” said Stamey. “For example, going chronological would mean we would of gone straight from Chicago to Shakespeare; it just doesn’t make sense.”

After carefully curating the order of these pieces however, the Theatre IV class has made certain that this variety show is a cohesive masterpiece.

This an impressive undertaking given that every year the Theatre IV show is almost completely student run.

“It’s basically a huge final project, so it’s not completely independent because we have Ms. Stegall and Katie as resources. We’ll be receiving a grade and making major decisions; in the end it’s our project, for better or for worse,” said Stamey.

From May 20-21 this medley showcasing the highlights of The Penelopiad to The Little Prince will be put on in the CHS auditorium.

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