Clubs represent an opportunity for students to meet with others who share common interests. CHS has an abundance of clubs for students to join, from service learning to other, more specific interests. Movie club is a new addition to the list this year.

Junior Max Smith is the president of the movie club. Smith has a strong interest for the process of filmmaking. Movie club mainly meets every Monday and Friday, to watch a movie, in Jeff Arthurs room (D115). Students create clubs to share their interests with others.

“I have always had a love for movies. It was always an idea to look at movies from a cultural part or analytical view of them,” Smith said.

Movie club offers students an opportunity to experience a variety of different films.

“It is a chance to take a break from the crazy school work and enjoy a good movie every once in awhile,” Smith said.

Students interested in taking a break from their busy days and wanting to watch a movie should drop by at any time.

Language for Youth is another club at CHS. This particular club works in collaboration with Culbreth Middle School. Students from CHS go to Culbreth Middle School on Tuesday mornings to work with their students interested in world languages. The club tutors students in four languages: Spanish, French, Latin and German.

Language for Youth offers middle school students an opportunity to explore languages they would not otherwise get exposure to. For example, German is not a language offered at the middle school.

Alexander Egersdoerfer is the primary German tutor, and he is a native German speaker.

German is a very personal language to me. When I hear it or speak it, I feel very much at home and certain words and phrases bring back memories from the times I am in Germany,” said Egersdoerfer.

“I am excited myself about sharing and communicating this language that is so important to me with others who it might be equally important to in the future.”

It is known speaking multiple languages allow people to more efficiently communicate with different people. Egersdoerfer attributes languages with a high level of importance in his life.

“It is said that learning, speaking, and thinking in different languages can “rewire” your brain and cause you to think differently and approach either social situations or conflicts differently,” said Egersdoerfer.

Clubs allow students to explore their many different interests with others. From movies to languages, there are choices for everyone. At the start of every year, students have the option to make their own club that is not yet a part of the choices.

Photo courtesy Max Smith

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